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20.10.2014 08:36 Age: 7 yrs

Workshop on Responsible and Sustainable Business

In the context when clients are tightening their requirements in both technical and social terms, how can enterprises achieve their goals of long-term development and social responsibility? This question will be discussed during the workshop on “Responsible and Sustainable Business” on 22nd October 2014 in Vinh city, Nghe An province.

This workshop acts as of one of important activities in Nghe An province under framework of the project “From Global Compact to Local Impact! - Promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) among Vietnamese Business Community for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP)” .

Mr. Doan Duy Khuong, Vice Chairman of VCCI, cum. Director of VCCI Representative Office in Nghe An said, “Serving as an agency connecting and supporting business community, the representative office have been in cooperation with local government and related agencies to organize activities for enterprises such as dialogues, workshops, trainings on various topics including laws and regulations, business management. Besides, the representative office provides C/O to enterprises’ products, co-organizes oversea market research trips, supports branding registration, and conducts different surveys to collect businesses’ comments. In addition, the office also involves in consulting and supporting enterprises in business registration, export procedures, looking for foreign partners, solving grievances from foreign enterprises, and trade promotion through international forums”.

Mr. Nguyen Quang Vinh, Director of SDforB, VCCI further provided, “We are planning to organize a series of events in Nghe An to help enterprises to understand more about 10 principles of UNGC that have been applying in Vietnam since 2007. Global Compact Vietnam Network (GCNV) is a joint-initiative of businesses, NGOs, government organizations, universities and institutional agencies in Vietnam together to adopt CSR in the country. Members of GCNV are encouraged to engage human rights protection, labor condition improvements, environmental protection, and anti-corruption in their activities. Member enterprises receive consultancy and support in applying CSR and preparing communications on progress (COP).  GCNV members also have opportunities to participate in meetings and discussions, to connect with national and international organizations regarding CSR issues in Vietnam and in the world.”

Mr. Florian Beranek – CTA of the Project Adapt – Adop – Improve CSR and SCP in Vietnam said, “Regardless whether you are a multinational enterprise or a local SME, one of the key success factors of today's business is to be trusted by its stakeholders. In a world where access to information is wider and easier than ever before questions about product safety, environmental impacts, working conditions, transparency, etc. are increasingly raised by clients, workers, authorities, communities and media. In short words Good Governance is considered the critical foundation for a responsible, sustainable and finally resilient enterprise. Such business culture finally leads to become a trusted and credible company”.

Besides the Workshop “Responsible and Sustainable Business” on 22nd October 2014, the project also co-organises with the Representative Office of VCCI Nghe An to conduct some class and in-house trainings for enterprises in the province./.