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17.10.2014 12:45 Age: 7 yrs

Supporting enterprises improve responsibility about consumers’ trust

CSR Calendar Forum about consumers’ trust has been organized on September 17th in Hanoi and on 19th in Ho Chi Minh city.


The Calendar Forum is under framework of the project “From Global Compact to Local Impact! - Promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) among Vietnamese Business Community for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP)”  is a joint initiative of the Office for Business Sustainable Development (SDforB) at the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and is funded by the UN One Plan Fund (OPF). The project also aims for synergies with the EU funded Switch Asia policy module on the development of a national SCP action plan lead by UNEP as well as with the UN Global Compact Vietnam Network under VCCI-SDforB.

The CSR Calendar Forum is engaging with the Association of Vietnam Retailers (AVR) and Vietnam Environmental Administration (VEA).

During the forum, Mr. Patrick Gilabert, Representative of UNIDO to Viet Nam said: “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), as an element of international standard, is an important key to strengthen inclusive and sustainable industrial development (SID) for Viet Nam.

At present, UNIDO is also supporting Viet Nam in other aspects of standardization. With MOST and SECO in the field of Metrology capacity, food safety and food traceability systems, with the Ministry of Health and WHO to promote local pharmaceutical production and with MPI to create sustainable industrial zones in Viet Nam.”

With the same point, Chairwoman of Association of Vietnam Retailers (AVR) Mrs. Dinh Thi My Loan shared: Vietnamese enterprises are faced with huge challenges about competitiveness capacity while foreign retailers have been positive about investing in Vietnam market.

Certainly, distribution and retailer markets have seen the participation of big foreign retailers such as Lotte, E-Mart (Korea), AEON, Takashimaya (Japan), Aucham (France) etc. Vietnam has been opened deeply as a market according to FTO commitment that brings change but needs local businesses to innovate enterprise strategies to keep both the national market and trade abroad promoted. This is so that consumers’ trust acts as key role to sustainable development of business.

According to Mr. Florian Beranek, CTA of the project Promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) among Vietnamese Business Community for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP): “multi-stakeholders have been seeming an effectiveness tool to help improving general understanding demand, challenges and opportunities of business in CSR about consumers’ trust.

Improved social performance is expected to enhance competitiveness and trade performance of the subjects enterprises whilst in addition reduce their environmental impact and resource consumption and improve their relations with stakeholders, including workers, communities, consumers and business partners.”

At the Calendar Forum, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thien Phuong, Deputy Director, ISD, Vietnam Enviromental Administration (VEA) added: Draft National action plans on SCP and environmental policy to support SCP have been carried out, which concentrated on structuring, and released national action plan on SCP to 2020, relevant to 10 years framework forthcoming of UN.

On the other hand, the Draft towards effective implementation of Green Growth Strategy, National Strategy on Environmental Protection; model produce suitable creation for Vietnam's condition to sustainable development./.

Mỹ Phương - Hạnh Nguyên (VNA)