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15.11.2012 16:42 Age: 10 yrs

CSR Calendar Forum on Community Involvement, Hanoi 19.11.2012 and Hochiminh City 20.11.2012

How to use local culture and know-how for innovation and job creation.

Respecting local culture – Enhancing innovation - Improving Business.

Community is a typical characteristic of Vietnamese culture. Local culture and traditions have strong influence on daily life and business activities. However, in current context, as the country has been experiencing global integration and approaching advanced technology, what will happen with those customs ? Will they be combined into development process or will they be blown by modern wind ?

Local culture and know-how and can be clearly seen in products made by farmers or in craft villages. And Vietnam is known as a home of traditional products. But there are still plenty of young people drifting to other areas for job hunting due to the fact that making special products and working in craft villages are not enough to ensure their lives? What should be done to encourage innovation and generate jobs ?

To find partly solution to those issues, we would like to invite you to our forum on topic “How to use local culture and know-how for innovation and job creation” in Hanoi and Hochiminh City where we have open discussion with experienced experts on this field.

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