29.03.2011 08:30 Age: 11 yrs

CSR Calendar Forums on Fair Operating Practices held in HCM and Hanoi

Mr. John Arnold (Lecturer) and Mr. René Van Berkel (Project Manager)

Operating fair is one of the core elements when we talk about sustainable and responsible business development. Credible and trustful behavior becomes even more critical since consumers have easy access to information and financial damages to "unfair" companies are more frequent.

During the CSR Calendar Forums in HCM and Hanoi our international expert Mr. John Arnold from IBL in Jakarta was focussing on corruption and bribery in the sphere of Vietnamese SME. During vivid discussions it became obvious that initial steps have to be done by the companies themselves in the way of setting up their clear policy and maintaining transparent business procedures. However the role of the government is critical as efficient law enforcement was considered the backbone of successful anti-corruption initiatives.