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04.05.2012 10:08 Age: 8 yrs

CSR Calendar Event on Green IT - HCMC 15.05.2012 and Hanoi 17.05.2012

Applying Green IT – Preserving Environment - Improving Business.

Today, you often hear the word “green”: green technology, green industry, green development and of course “Green IT”. The use of modern information technology (IT) - making production more efficient, cleaner, safer and finally more sustainable - is one of the challenges companies in Vietnam are facing today. IT plays a key-role from supply chain to production and even in sales. Smart solutions are necessary as financial resources are limited.

But… is it enough for what so called “green”? The consequence of IT is mostly ignored: electronics waste (e-waste) resulting from very short life cycle of products. The next generation will have to pay for what we are throwing away today. What the producers can do to secure their employee’s health, to save their cost, to protect their family and community?

To find partly solution to those issues, we would like to invite you to our forum on topic “Green IT” in Hanoi and HCMC where we have open discussion with experienced experts on this field.

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