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06.04.2012 10:00 Age: 9 yrs

CSR Calendar Forum on Intellectual Property Rights - Hanoi 04.04.2012 and HCMC 06.04.2012

Protecting IPR –- Improving Image- Improving Business. 

How companies should protect their brand and inventions ?

What does the term "Intellectual Property" remind you of ? Patents, industrial designs, trademarks or geographical indications ? How about branding ? Does it mean simply logo, slogan or trademark ?

Imagine that you are a business owner producing a typical product. You have your own famous design and trademarks which attract a lot of customers. Then your competitors copy your product and sell with cheaper price.

Do you think you’re your customers will buy this fake product ? If Yes, how do you protect brand?

In line with the ceremony of 10 years of the World Intellectual Property Day - April 26,2012. We would like to invite you to CSR calendar forum on IPR where we can discuss those raising issues and legal framework of IPR.

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