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04.10.2015 06:54 Age: 6 yrs

30th and 31st CSR Calendar Forum on Environment

People, regardless who they are, show more and more concern of chemical safety of products they buy. In the other side, could manufacturers and even retailers keep chemical management in their supply chain under control to ensure accuracy of chemical ingredients announced?



Those issues were discussed by participants, keynote speakers and businessmen during the CSR Calendar Forum on Environment: "How is chemical management assured in your supply chain?" held on 07th and 09th October 2015 in Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi.

At the Forum, Mr. Nguyen Quang Vinh, Deputy Secretary General, member of the Standing Committee of VCCI, and Representative of GCNV informed, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have just been announced at the end of September in New York. These 17 goals are considered as a roadmap for the world for poverty elimination, gender inequality fighting and climate change adaption in upcoming 15 years, until 2030. SDGs explicitly call on all businesses to apply their creativity and innovation to solving sustainable development challenges in every part of the world, while their predecessor Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) only focused on developing countries. VCCI, as representative of business community, actively supports SDGs and wishes to cooperate with enterprises and organizations in information sharing, consultancy, training and planning of new models to achieve those goals. The initiative of CSR project is a particular effort of VCCI and its partners in leading enterprises to SDGs.

As a representative of UNIDO and CSR Project, Mr. Florian Beranek - Lead Expert Societal Responsibility of UNIDO stated that in Environment subject, business impacts are always mentioned. Chemical management recently attracts attention of people, whoever they are. Scientifically, everything in the world is created by chemical recipes. One tiny changes in such formula would turn things into different materials in positive or negative ways. Thus, the role of chemical management becomes important. Stories and examples of accidents caused by chemical management are various, and most come from one reason: lack of transparency. No information of inadequate information of chemicals is a form of lack of transparency. The lack of transparency would be the root of other problems as well.

Keynote speaker - Ms. Nguyen Le Hang from VNCPC delivered a presentation on chemical management in enterprises, referring to existing methods of organizations such as GIZ. 

In the afternoon, participants were divided into groups to build chemical management plans for products (shoes, canned fish and battery). 6 plans have been made by active groups with a lot of ideas and discussion.