< Waste at SMEs - a topic attracting over 200 in Hanoi and HCMC
24.11.2011 09:41 Age: 9 yrs

CSR Calendar Forum on Community - Hanoi 25.11.2011 and HCMC 30.11.2011

How to develop skilled workforce at your community?

The importance of vocational training for SMEs.

The LACK OF SKILLED LABOR is one of the main obstacles for SMEs to improve their productivity and competitiveness. SMEs often complain that they do not have enough skilled labor for production or their labor turnover is increasing significantly. As it is difficult for small and medium enterprises to develop their own training programs a possible solution might arise from the cooperation with the local community. Combining the development of professional skills and community will lead to a win-win-situation, which is a key for the sustainable development of every single company

  • The first analysis: current skills, lacks, potentials, training needs
  • The legal framework of vocational training/education in Vietnam
  • How to engage with employees, community and colleagues on the topic
  • What are YOUR experiences, suggestions and expectations?

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