< Why are transparent companies more successful?
28.05.2015 08:40 Age: 5 yrs

28th CSR Calendar Forum on Fair Operating

Transparent - one of the elements building foundation for a good company - is becoming an influential part in making decision about which enterprises are better to work and devote for. In the long run, transparency could help creating a healthier working environment, leading to a more productive workforce, and generating greater outcome. It directly touches human factor where HR management engages in deeply.

Those issues are being discussed by participants, keynote speakers and businessmen during the CSR Calendar Forum on Fair Operating: WHY ARE TRANSPARENT COMPANIES MORE SUCCESSFUL on 28th May 2015 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Mr. Patrick Gilabert - UNIDO Representative to Viet Nam, Mr. Nguyen Quang Vinh, member of the Standing Committee of VCCI, VCCI, Director General of SDforB, VCCI and Representative of GCNV; Mr. Florian Beranek - Lead Expert Social Responsibity of UNIDO; and reprentative from TT attended the event and delivered speeches. 
The Calendar has attracted 80 representative enterprises and organisations to participate the event.